Medical and Pharmaceutical

Medlex Baltics has achieved the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certification and is a competent provider of medical and pharmaceutical translations in accordance with the existing industry guidelines. We understand the demands if these strictly regulated industries and consequently we try to ensure that our clients in the medical and pharmaceutical fields receive quality translations while we closely follow all the industry news, requirements, guidelines, development tendencies.

Pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries develop at a rapid pace, continuously coming up with innovations that an average person finds difficult to understand even on the level of a basic description; however, a translator working on a scientific translation has to possess the knowledge that balances on the border of scientific and linguistic expertise. In order to execute the translation of a scientific article, it is necessary to involve a whole team of experts, such as scientists, linguists, terminology specialists, editors, etc. We can make it possible thanks to our team of translators with more than 20 years of experience in the respective areas of expertise. All of the Medlex Baltics medical and pharmaceutical translators and editors are higher education professionals in the fields of medicine, pharmacology, chemistry, and biology with at least 5 years’ experience in translating and editing of medical texts. At the same time, we work in close cooperation with our clients in order to ensure that all the translated materials comply with the pharmacological market regulations, as well as with the demands of practicing physicians and their patients.

Medlex Baltics has been helping its clients to carry out urgent projects in clinical studies, as well as other medicine-related projects, successfully executing them under extremely tight deadlines not only in Latvia, but also in the other Baltic States.

Clinical trials and research in Latvia date back to 1991. Every year the number of clinical trials conducted in Latvia continues to increase. According to the data published by the Latvian State Agency of Medicines, in 2011 alone about 240 clinical research studies were conducted. Most of these studies require translations into both the Latvian and Russian languages; however, in Latvia there is a shortage of specialists that are capable of professionally translating such documentation while incorporating the latest terminology updates and following the required industry guidelines. In Estonia, the corresponding number of such studies was also about 200 (according to the data provided by the Estonian State Agency of Medicines Ravimiamet), and in Lithuania — about 100. This industry is continuously growing and is starting to really establish itself in the Baltic States. At the moment, its market share in the Baltics is still relatively small; however, it has a significant growth potential.

Our team consists of some of the best specialists, who closely follow the industry’s developmental tendencies, as well as its linguistic and terminological evolvement not only in the Baltic States, but also in the rest of Europe. Thus we can ensure that clinical research documentation gets translated promptly and according to the industry’s accepted standards and guidelines.