Legal Translations

Medlex Baltics has implemented large-scale European legal documentation translation projects, which involved almost a hundred translators and editors, closely following all the terminology requirements and ensuring the adequate quality control, and thus successfully meeting the clients’ expectations and helping them achieve their goal within a relatively short timeframe.Legal translations can be divided into different categories depending on their degree of difficulty, from relatively straightforward letters of attorney to sophisticated legal research studies, in which legal information frequently intertwines with financial data. In order to translate such complicated texts, a translator should be equally familiar with the terminology from both of those fields; in addition, it is desirable that this translator is a legal professional with an additional professional degree, which was obtained in a respective foreign language. We continuously strive to provide our clients with competent legal translations because we understand that a high-quality translation is in a way a trademark of your business — an added value to the services and products you offer to your customers. Therefore, we apply the synergy approach in our business, which is the result of our translators’ work combined with the products or services provided by our clients.

We can prepare certified or notarized legal translations corresponding to specific local regulations that determine in which format legal documents are submitted to state agencies and institutions in each respective country.