Information technologies and the virtual world we live in right now in many ways determine our life’s rhythm and even its model.

Naturally, there exists a substantial difference in whether we have to localize an anti-virus software program or a social media platform. In one case, it is essential to comply with the professional language modules that are widely used and accepted by the industry professionals; in the second case scenario, it is important to be able to provide translations that are tailored to the mentality of average users and is easily understood by them. However, in both cases it is necessary to involve translating professionals, who are capable of ensuring that the respective product successfully reaches its target audience.

We have invited into our team several IT specialists, who continuously follow the language developments of the IT field and who have gained extensive experience in localising various large-scale software and website projects, and which will ensure that your products and services will reach their target audience. While the IT language is quite jargonized, it is also full of neologisms and other terms, and only IT specialists and translators, who deal with these texts on a regular basis, are really familiar with their intricacies and their inexhaustible creative potential. Medlex Baltics has created an extensive database of the IT terminology that will ensure immaculate presentation of any of your most complicated IT product or service.