Interpreting Services

A good interpreter should not only be a competent translator but should also possess a pleasant personality and strong communication ability. At Medlex Baltics we follow this principle when assigning interpreters to our clients. Many of our clients are return customers, who are thankful not only for our interpreters’ expert knowledge and professionalism, but also for their outstanding communication skills and personal qualities.

Medlex Baltics can provide interpreting services in a variety of fields, from cosmetology to high-tech, while always guaranteeing the interpreter’s competency in the respective sphere of knowledge.

When ordering simultaneous interpreting services it is important to keep in mind that it is necessary to use two simultaneous interpreters for one job. Simultaneous interpreting requires an extremely high degree of concentration, and, working in pairs helps interpreters avoid errors and inaccuracies during the process of simultaneous interpreting.

Whenever a consecutive interpreting is required, only one interpreter is usually assigned to the job as this type of service does not require such an intense degree of concentration. However, each industry has its own specific standards and requires a specific set of knowledge; therefore, each time a consecutive interpreting service is requested, we carefully select interpreters with respective experience, who, in some cases are themselves professionals working in that particular field. More often than not such experts are invited to provide consecutive interpreting services associated with medicine, pharmacology and law.

In addition, Medlex Baltics provides whispered interpreting services, court interpreting services, teleconference interpreting services, and guide-interpreter services.