About us

We stand by our clients, helping them achieve their goals that are defined by the globalization age and also by their specific business needs; in addition, we help them penetrate new markets and reach new heights by unlocking the potential of effective verbal communication.

Medlex Baltics successfully combines human capital and professionalism, offering its clients friendly and responsive attitude, as well as ensuring that the clients’ linguistic needs are met in a professional, fast and responsible manner.

Medlex Baltics specialises in two main areas of translations: medical disciplines and pharmacy, and finances and law.

In the age of globalization and disappearing borders, everything happens at an increasingly faster pace. Today’s translating projects sometimes may even require the involvement of professionals, who reside in different parts of the world. Our team of translators, interpreters, and editors is an international network, which is continuously evolving and which is supplemented by approximately 3,000 translators residing in many different countries. Thanks to the opportunities provided by virtual communications, it is now possible to execute a translating process, which involves the services of translators, editors, quality experts, and terminology specialists, regardless of their location. For example, if the translation into the Ukrainian language is needed, the client may be in London, the translator — in Ukraine, the editor — in Moscow, and the quality controller — in Latvia. Therefore, we can guarantee translations into almost any language and that even large-scale translating projects can be implemented within a relatively short period of time.

Our Team

As with everything that is created by people, the basis of our enterprise is a person and a product of his or her intellectual effort. We do not abide by the superficial approach of the age of machine translations; instead, we take advantage of the newest technologies in order to produce translations that are as precise and consistent as possible, and which are executed promptly, as well as at a reasonable price.


Karlīna Jurjeva

Board Member

2007 — University of Latvia, MBA

2005 — University of Latvia, International Relations Faculty, External Organisational Units Manager

2002 — University of Latvia, BA in the French Language and Literature

Ilze Knoka
Head of Translation Department
1995-  LU, Faculty of Latvian language and literature, Bachelor of Philology
1997- LU, Facultuy of Latvian language and literature, Master of Philology
Ilze will “polish to perfection” every document, every sentence and every term. She is an absolute 100% person.

Mag.pharm.Lāsma Latviete

Head of Regulatory Affairs, Responsible pharmacist

2011. – 2016 Degree in Pharmacy, Riga Stradins University
Lasma is a  sprinter, she will perform due dilligence of your documentation exhaustively and effectively, will explore all risks and provide a result at a record short time.

Dr. pharm. Elīna Makarova

Assistant Regulatory Affairs 

2013 – RSU, Doctoral Degree in Pharmacy farmācijas doktora zinātniskais grāds

2008 – RSU, Degree in Pharmacy

Elina is absolute marathonist. She will “dig deep” until the “golden vein” even in the most hopeless cases.

Dr.Anna Proskurina

Head of Medical projects

2014  – RSU Residency in Internal Medicine

2008 –  RSU, Faculty of Medicine